Introduction Of course.

Okay, I have thought about ‘owning’ a blog for the longest time. I have even opened a blog before but you see like many things in my life I did not even finish the writing the first post. I gave up too soon, yes like many things in my life. Giving up too soon is one of the things my life has a love affair with, and good writing is one of them. You see, I fell in love with books when I was a young boy, the story books my mother used to bring us has a lot to do with that, I remember ‘escaping’ from my world into the worlds created by writers great and not. And no, I wasn’t escaping from a world of hardship or anything, for my childhood though not privileged wasn’t that bad. But anyway the point is, I loved reading and books, and up to today, though I slacked off a bit in my life to pursue peer acceptance, I still read a lot and of late I have found myself reading a lot of blogs. It would only be fair that I also write one of my own, even if just to tell you about what I have just read. I will try to stick to this one and make sure I update as frequent as possible. That is not a promise though, so don’t hold me to that.


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