This had me thinking.


Hi. It’s been a while I wrote on my blog. I’m sorry for that. I’ve been writing exams, and as anybody in engineering school would tell you, our exams are not a piece of cake. Thankfully, they went well, and I’m free (I agree that ‘free’ is relative, but at least, for the next few months, I don’t have to study so hard). I missed you guys lots. I’M BACK. Together we would rock blogsville.

I’m going back to my roots for today’s post. My writing foundations were built on poetry, and I realized that I haven’t written a poem in about 4 months. I decided to make this post a poem for a variety of reasons, but mostly to check if I still had it in me. I hope it worked out fine. Be the judge of that.

I wrote this poem on the morning of my final paper…

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