Nostalgic Music

“And I’d give anything to see you smile again
To know your love again to have my friend” – Deitrick Haddon ‘Happy’

I love music. Music calms the heart, brings peace to a trouble mind. Music celebrates happy times, comforts in the bad times. Sometimes my head picks up music from my past, music that reminds you a time gone by. So there I was feeling all nostalgic, nostalgia is not a particularly bad feeling. And my head popped up this song ‘Nasiima gwe’ by a ugandan group called Ngoni. I heard this song in a funeral of a friend I had never seen. Yes, a friend i had never seen as he had been a friend to very close friend of mine though we had never met before. So it had been 5 years since I heard that song, but it just popped up in my head just like that. Thank God for Youtube, I searched for over 30 minutes before I came across that song, mind you I did not remember the name of the group or the name of the song. Just remembered the hook which was quite catchy. To cut the long story short, I had that song on repeat for the next 30 minutes.  The lyrics in the beggining of this article, a song by Deitrick Haddon is also another nostalgic song of mine, reminds me of a close friend of mine who lost a sibling a while back. The lyrics were exactly what  I felt at that time, such a beautiful song. Too bad they all remind me of sad times, but when I hear them I don’t feel sad at all, just a calmness, happiness even. The happiness that doesn’t have to show through a smile(is there something like that even). Do you have any nostalgic songs that remind you of sometime in your life? leave a comment.

Click Here to listen to Deitrick Haddon’s Happy

Click here to listen to Ngoni’s Nasiima Gwe

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4 thoughts on “Nostalgic Music

  1. Nice piece..although you left out a “d” in your second opening line 🙂 I particularly like this line “happiness that doesn’t have to show through a smile” yes, I believe that exists.

  2. That song by Detrick Haddon,i love a lot,my favorite part………

    “Life has a way of bring hard times that can mess with ur peace of mind,don’t the troubles on the outside take the love have on the inside “

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