Faith, Guts. Immortality Beckons.


Yesterday I went on my TL (timeline) on twitter about Joseph and the topic was faith or guts or a hybrid of the two. I kept thinking about what it took one for to be great, for one to have guts and follow them. I have over the years read a lot about great men(and women) past and present that achieved immortality. By Immortality I mean, their names are on our lips years/centuries/millenniums after they left the earth. For we are all mortal and we all shall die, this is not necessarily a bad thing, for the old has to die to bring in the new. So I randomly though about Joseph of the bible, a young man who had a vision/dream that he would be great. I do not think this vision was any flowery or mysterious than the dreams we have these days, the ‘calls’ we receive from destiny. But what he did after he received his vision/dream is where the juice of the story is. You see, we all (I am not sure about this though) receive this important calls from Destiny, calls to be great, to achieve immortality, to live for something greater than ourselves. When Joseph, received his vision, he went up to his brothers and told them about it. he already knew the brothers did not like him that much, and he also knew that the dream he had was not in the favour of the brothers but him. He would sound so arrogant, Imagine walking up to your brother or close friend and telling him/her to his face. Do you know that I am actually special, do you know that you will one day bow before me? I mean, if  a friend came up to me and told me that, and the supporting evidence is a dream, I would start avoiding that friend. Yes, it sounds so rude and arrogant, I mean, you get the point?  But, that is where Joseph won. He had a dream/vision, picked it up and ran with it. It did not matter that the dream was ridiculous or it sounded like. By the way, have you read that story, you so should. He, by the way, earned murder(although it was faked) for the dream and dreams before, but still you have to give plaudits to this young boy.

He went with his gut feeling, he went with his dream/vision. It did not matter that it seemed trivial. Okay, I will confess that I am writing this to myself. I am motivating myself, I am exorcising my fears, that is why I read the stories of great men from Joseph, Steve Jobs(just google some speech he gave at the Stanford University Commencement speech 2005), Jay Z (Leave a mark that can’t erase neither space nor time, So when the director yells cut, I’ll be fine), Seth Godin (Just read his blog you’ll understand why). So this article is about Faith and Guts or a hybrid of the two. Faith is about seeing something that isn’t there as if it were. Another name for faith is idiocy or madness. You are meant to laugh after that statement, but since you are not, I will continue. Why do I say this, if it were a normal situation, Joseph would not have told his brothers the dream he had because well, he was ‘wise’ enough and his brothers were ‘haters’. So he would have kept the dream to himself, waiting for it come to pass as it were. But you see, if Joseph had not told his brothers about his dream , then he would not have been ‘murdered’ and his dream would probably not have come to pass.

Anyway, what I am telling myself is that, have Faith, and follow your guts. Exorcise your fears, the many fears you have. Immortality beckons.





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