Less of the Past, More of the Future

I have been reading this book, ‘How Star Bucks changed my life’ by Micheal Gates Gill. It is the story of man brought up in a privileged home, by writer parents who went on to mess up his life. The book starts in his sixty something year, he has lost his marriage after cheating on his wife, his adult children no longer respect him and he has been laid off from his high paying job. I am still currently reading the book and will see how the story pans out eventually. But one quote stood out for me and that is “Less of the Past, More of the Future”.

I do not know why it stood out but I guess it just hit a chord in my heart, my mind. You see I had found out that I had been trying to hold on a familiar past, a comfort zone of sorts. I had been trying to recapture some ‘lost glory’, trying to repeat feats that I had accomplished yesterday. Trying to hold on to friendships and relationships that worked previously but were no longer viable.

Then it hit me, like Tina did Ike in the Limo it finally hit me (see what I did there?), LESS OF THE PAST, MORE OF THE FUTURE. I should be focusing on the future, To hell with the failures of yesterday, even the successes of days gone, here is to embracing the future. Remember Life is fleeting.


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