Faith, Guts. Immortality Beckons.

  Yesterday I went on my TL (timeline) on twitter about Joseph and the topic was faith or guts or a hybrid of the two. I kept thinking about what it took one for to be great, for one to have guts and follow them. I have over the years read a lot about great…

Someone to save me

Still waiting for someone to save me Save me from myself Save me from the world around me   Always had this feeling That maybe someone will come and save me Someone will come and change my life   But this someone ain’t coming I have been waiting too long Kept the faith for too…

Nostalgic Music

“And I’d give anything to see you smile again To know your love again to have my friend” – Deitrick Haddon ‘Happy’ I love music. Music calms the heart, brings peace to a trouble mind. Music celebrates happy times, comforts in the bad times. Sometimes my head picks up music from my past, music that…

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Hi. It’s been a while I wrote on my blog. I’m sorry for that. I’ve been writing exams, and as anybody in engineering school would tell you, our exams are not a piece of cake. Thankfully, they went well, and I’m free (I agree that ‘free’ is relative, but at least,…

Men ‘designed’ as women acting holy.

Men ‘designed” as women acting holy.

Eish, that is one weird title.

Ok, I started writing these piece quite some few hours back, then I got bored (quitting?) , stopped writing it, of course there were some other distractions like work, and chatting on Facebook, gmail e.t.c But I kept hearing this voice in my head shouting quitter at me, So I have started writing it again. And before I continue, I would love to thank those who read my first post yesterday, really encouraging and motivating. I will dedicate today’s piece to you guys.

I wish I could remember how I started that previous draft that I deleted so that it would be easy for me to just continue but anyway. I came across this article on “The Standard” today that had the headline ‘The missing testis’ .Of course my curiosity got the better of me and I had to read. It was talking about a condition in which a man discovers that he does not have the ‘full package’ but it was the beginning of the article that got my attention. Did you know that all human beings are originally ‘designed’ as females and the conversion into a man requires adjustment? Wait! What!  Yes, apparently we are all female first. I can hear the feminists clapping somewhere in the background. The article written by Dr Musau goes on to explain scientifically why the alarming statement, of course I did not bother to read the rest of the article, as it became a bit too complex and scientific for me. well you now know , I am not particularly scientifically inclined. That statement had me thinking (rarely do I do this) , would God create man (creation theory) in a female design, wait for him to get lonely (were women created for male companionship?) then come up with the idea of a woman a few hours or days later(not quite sure about that) ? Confusing, I know. Does not seem to make sense. Scientists and God on a collision path? Anyway, you can leave your comments about that somewhere down here. I do not have the link for the story but you can get it on today’s (July 24th ) standard.

Another article I read today had the title ”I was enslaved to sex and alcohol for ten years’. Moment of silence. This is a story of one titus nderitu, who was abused by the house help at the age of 7, he then went on to become a sex addict. Sad story, but good always triumphs and he is now reforming and about to graduate. We have all heard these stories, of house helps molesting small children, matter of fact I have a friend who confessed to having been initiated to sex by the househelp. The househelp would ‘serve’ them  (him and his brother) nearly daily after school before the parents came back home. The guy went on to , I wouldn’t necessarily call him a sex addict, have lots of sex. While we were ‘chilling’ in high school, he used to get it on on the regular. Anyway, wherever He is , I do hope he is in peace. One statement that also caught my attention, even posted in on twitter, is this “I quickly learned a secret that many religious people keep to themselves; the holier you act, the more sex you get”. What say you about that? Ladies/Women/ Chics have a thing for holiness? I thought it was bad boys? I guess we’ll never understand what ladies want. This is also in the wake of the Pastor Njoroge of Fire Ministries saga, also noticed that the church had a huge number of women compared to men(all churches do anyway). Would love to hear the thoughts of ladies on this one? Here is the link

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Introduction Of course.

Okay, I have thought about ‘owning’ a blog for the longest time. I have even opened a blog before but you see like many things in my life I did not even finish the writing the first post. I gave up too soon, yes like many things in my life. Giving up too soon is…